Mr. Juma Kiplenge

Mr. Juma Kiplenge



LLB (Hons)   University of Nairobi, Kenya

Diploma in LaKenya school of Law 

Advocate, High court of Kenya, duly admitted as such by the Chief Justice on 6th March 1996


Legal Research Assistant Kamau Kuria, Kiraitu & Co., AdvocatesNairobi

Legal Practitioner  Mirugi Kariuki & Co., Advocates, Nakuru  From March 1996 to 1999

Practising as M/s Juma Kiplenge & Associates February 2000 to  July, 2002 

Practising in Partnership as M/s Kiplenge, Ogola & Mugambi  Advocates from October, 2003 to February 2007 

Practising in Partnership as M/s Kiplenge and Ogola Advocates from March, 2007 to date

Participant U.S.A international Visitor Program on the Rule of Law and Administration of Justice (August to September 1997). I and 13 other participants from different parts of Africa had an opportunity to visit Washington DC, saw how federal and state judicial system worked, met and compared notes with members of the Bar and the Bench. After that we visited individual states namely Oregon. Oklahoma. Ohio, Vermont and Massachusetts on a closer look at rule of law and administration of justice in each state

Placement Project (U.K) At Amnesty International and South Bank University London. November TO December 1997 I did 2 projects

First Assessment of the efficacy of the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda on the basis of information and materials obtained by a mission observer sent by Amnesty to Arusha, Tanzania

Secondly I did a complaint to the African Commission of Human and people‘s Rights against the Cameroonian government on the basis of evidence obtained by Amnesty on Human Rights Violation in Cameroon 

At David Gray & Co, Solicitors (Newcastle January to April 1998) this North East Legal Aid law firm organized a 2 week placement in their various legal departments and one week each placement on the Magistrates Courts, the Crown Court, A Barristers Chambers (Broadchare), Legal Aid Board, the Northumbria Police 

Council Member Rift Valley Law Society (1998 to 1999. I was one of those in charge of the Twinning Project between the Rift Valley Law Society and New castle Inc. Law Society