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As a fully professional service firm, we service Individual, Corporate as well as Government Clients in all areas we have listed above. We are also dynamic and continue to evolve our services to include contemporary issues such as, consultancy services.

We have acted and or continue to represent Banks, Microfinance Intuitions International Organizations, Government, State Corporations, Non – Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises, Limited Liability Companies, Sole proprietors in particular, we have acted and or continue to represent:-

  1. E Retired Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and his Family
  2. Kabarak Farm Limited
  3. Kabarak University
  4. Moi High School Kabarak
  5. Sacho High School
  6. Raymark Limited
  7. Trans National Bank Limited
  8. Galana Oil Company Ltd
  9. Timsales Limited
  10. Raiply Woods Co. Ltd
  11. Estate of Benjamin Barngetuny
  12. Hon Luka Kigen
  13. Ezekiel Komen
  14. Estate of William Mosonik
  15. Migotiyo Plantation Limited
  16. NGO’s we represent International Humanity Foundation (IHF), Help Mission and Epileptic Foundation
  17. State Corporations – We represent National Cereals Produce Board (NCPD), Milling Corporation of Kenya, Narok County Council and Maralal County Council
  18. Political parties – we represent Kenya National African Union (KANU)

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