Conveyance and Property Law Services


When you choose Kiplenge and Kurgat Advocates, you know that your matter will be handled by an experience lawyer – not only a conveyancer.

Our convenyancing team has proven experience in:

Preparation and registration of mortgages, charges, debentures, purchases, sales, leases, surrenders, discharge of charge and transfers in perfection of securities, power of attorneys, etc, and especially for banks and financial institutions, at all registries in Kenya.

Our Approach to Texas Commercial Litigation and Business Disputes

Processing change of users, extension of leases, etc, and advice our clients on and undertake drafting of property agreements such as project finance agreement, loan agreements, letters of offer for sale of property as well as grant of credit facilities, charge and mortgage instruments, project construction agreements, project management agreements, management company agreements, property security agreements, Contractor Agreements, Architects Agreement, Deeds of Novation, etc.

Advising our clients on sale, subdivision, leases, transfers, mortgages, charges, cautions, caveats, easements, change of user, licenses, powers of attorney, rectification of title, extension of Government leases, trusts relating to land, rights of access, and all aspects of property acquisition and development;

Advising on acquisition and sale of land, conduct due diligence, negotiate agreements on behalf of clients and draft contracts suited to client’s needs;

Legal advisory services to real estate developers, investors, lenders, and business users in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate;

Drafting of necessary legal documentation specific to each real estate transaction;

Applying for and obtaining the various consents required under the law as well as paying land rent and rates on behalf of clients;

Advising clients on changes in land laws, new Land Office procedures and generally on all aspects of land law; and

Our conveyance team is backed with an effective due diligence staff who undertakes searches on properties and corporate entities and advising our clients accordingly. We also undertake review, drafting and negotiating of contracts relating to disposition of property.