Intellectual property

Intellectual property is increasingly becoming a key concern for individuals as well as corporate entities due to its great value. The rate of growth in Intellectual Property field and the recent international dynamics on strict adherence to the intellectual property rights has led us to undertake extensive research in this discipline and the Company offers a broad based service in this area.

We support our clients in registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Acting as consultants in identification, registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, and generally render consultancies on copyright and trade secrets such as formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique or process that is used in business; trademarks such as words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services from those manufactured or sold by others and indicate the source of the goods; patent rights; and breeders rights;
  • Providing legal and practical advice to individuals and companies on the existence, registration and enforcement of literary works such as novels, poems, plays and performances of performing artists; reference works such as books and articles; films and TV programs; musical compositions; choreography; artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures; architecture; advertisements, commercial names and designations; maps, technical drawings, computer programs and breeders rights;
  • Developing and licensing the use of copyrights and trade secrets, trademarks, patents and breeders rights on behalf of Intellectual Property rights owners;
  • Drawing agreements such as Copyright Licensing Agreements, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements, Agreements for Assignment of Future Copyright, Time Brokerage Agreements, etc, in relation to licensing and or sale of Intellectual Property rights;
  • Undertaking the business of Intellectual Property sale, promotion and management;
  • Undertaking Intellectual Property market watch for opportunities, competitors and infringers;
  • Negotiating the sharing of Intellectual Property rights among Intellectual Property rights-holders;
  • Negotiating Intellectual Property transfer or sale between Intellectual Property rights-holders and Intellectual Property rights buyers;
  • Advising Intellectual Property rights-holders on decision making as regards the maintenance, commercialization, or donation of IP assets;
  • Advising Intellectual Property rights-holders on the economics of Intellectual Property enforcement;
  • Conducting an inventory of a customer’s Intellectual Property;
  • Valuing Intellectual Property and determining the appropriate royalty rates for purposes of licensing and or sale or IP rights; and
  • Advising on restrictive trade practices.